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Konica Minolta
Konica Minolta sees itself as a supplier of contemporary solutions for medical imaging and relies on its many years of extensive experience in the various fields of technology. Proven analog technologies are combined with new digital technologies and our know-how of image processing, communication and storage technologies. “Sovremennye medicinskie technologii” has been carrying out successful sales of Konica Minolta products since 2000.

Products based on the needs of the consumer, from high-speed digital copying for the business sector to digital imaging systems for medical imaging diagnostics are developed by Konica Minolta to the highest perfection, creating new, positive activity for technological progress in areas where speed, partnership and networking are the keywords.

As a pioneer in diagnostic imaging Konica Minolta developed the first X-ray film in Japan about 70 years ago. An extensive, high-quality product range of digital medical imaging systems has been developed, covering the entire demand for hospitals and practices, while maintaining an excellent price / performance ratio. Along with a complete product range for Computed Radiology, Konica Minolta also offers modern, future-oriented DICOM-compliant imaging and networking components. For over 35 years Konica Minolta has been represented by market-driven Medical Imaging products in the European market.

“Sovremennye medicinskie technologii”  offers a wide range of quality products for medical imaging by Konica Minolta: from the compact CR system Regius Sigma II to the unique wireless flat panel detector  AeroDR.

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