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Maintenance service

Since the establishment of “Sovremennye medicinskie technologii”, the engineering group has been its structural unit that ensures competent technical support of the supplied medical equipment for the customers throughout Russia. Our specialists are ready to perform a full range of works relating to the maintenance of medical equipment in the proper working condition: putting into operation, operating diagnostics of shortages, warranty and post-warranty service, repair.

Maintenance of the equipment includes:

  • Systematic technical inspections, parameters tuning, equipment adjusting;
  • On-site fixing of external defects detected in the course of an external technical inspection and functionality testing without opening medical equipment subject to minimum costs.
  • Cleaning, lubrication, control and maintenance check (checking compliance of the parameters and specifications of the equipment to detect worn and defected parts, shortcomings forecast);
  • Preventive, routine maintenance and other works needed to maintain the proper working condition of the equipment and functionality of its parts provided by the standard technical documents relating to the use of the equipment, operating documents in compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents relating to organization of maintenance services subject to the manufacturer’s requirements as well as control over its technical condition;
  • Special works depending on the category and complexity of medical equipment.

Repair of the medical equipment includes:

  • Malfunction diagnostics;
  • Preparation for repairs;
  • Opening of fully or partially malfunctioning medical equipment;
  • Internal inspection, block and unit disassembly if needed;
  • Search for defected blocks, units, their replacement or disassembly and restoration;
  • Elimination of defects and/or restoration of overall functionality;
  • Replacement of spare parts;
  • Technical checks and tuning of the repaired equipment in accordance with the technical requirements specified in the instruction.

Our company has a state license No. ФС 99-04-001026 dated March 13, 2014 for carrying out activities relating to the maintenance of medical equipment. Highly professional employees of the engineering group are trained at leading manufacturers of medical equipment; attend educational workshops and further education courses both in Russia and abroad.

We guarantee a professional approach to the solution of any problem relating to repair and maintenance of medical equipment. The company’s priority area is provision of a full range of maintenance services to our customers, including supply of spare parts and consumables to increase reliability and efficiency of medical equipment. Specialists of the engineering group will provide indispensable assistance to any medical institution oriented towards long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. We provide maintenance support to our customers throughout Russia.

For operational cooperation, we recommend emailing your applications for repair and maintenance of the equipment to Deputy Director, Sales and Maintenance, Sankeev Aleksey Yuryevich at in a form attached below or use the online application form.

Service request

Addresses and phones of the service centers:

Aleksey Sankeev
Deputy Director,
and Maintenance
Nekrasovskaya 68, liter K
+7 (846) 205-77-05 ext. 128
+7 902-320-22-41

Pavel Nemolyaev
Service Department Engineer
Kulakova Street 8/2, office 51
+7 (8412) 68-69-01
+7 902 354-55-84

Salavat Mashtakov
Service Department Engineer
Olimpiyskaya 10
+7 (3452) 33-90-40

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