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The launch of the company Philips in healthcare refers to 1895, after the date, when Philips  bought a manufacture CHF, which produced the first commercial X-ray tube. Already in 1918, Philips introduced the first X-ray tube for medical purposes.

Since 1933, Philips has produced a medical X-ray equipment in Europe and the United States. The consequence has become the gradual development of the medical business of the company and its expansion via acquisitions of companies operating in the field of health. Today, the company sells and maintains service of medical equipment in more than 60 countries. Manufacture: Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Israel, the United States. The company aims to solve the main task - to create a system of health care, central to early diagnostics, effective, patient-oriented system of treatment and follow-up care at home.

“Sovremennye medicinskie technologii” is an official dealer of Philips in Russia; the successful sales of medical equipment are being carried out during the last years. Medical equipment Philips is represented in several directions.

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