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June 16, 2017 Congratulations on the Day of Medical Worker!
The company "Sovremennye medicinskie technologii" and International Medical Center "Heart Clinic" congratulate with a professional holiday all those who chose human healthcare as meaning of their life!
March 31, 2017 International Medical Center "Heart Clinic" took part in the forum "Russian Days of Heart"
On March 30, 2017, International Education Forum "Russian Days of Heart " began its work in Moscow. Leading Russian and European experts take part in the annual event, which lasts for three days.
March 21, 2017 Hospital Cardiovascular Executive Summit
Galway, Ireland, March 13-15, 2017 - “Sovremennye medicinskie technologii” became a participant of international conference "Hospital Cardiovascular Executive Summit" with the project of international medical center "Heart Clinic".
March 14, 2017 Vice-president of Medtronic Russia commented on cooperation with technology hubs
Elena Plyasunova, Vice President of Medtronic Russia, spoke about the importance of introducing innovative technologies and integrated solutions in the field of healthcare in Russia.
February 21, 2017 Press Conference in International Medical Center "Heart Clinic"
Today, a press conference for representatives of regional media and public members was held in International Medical Center "Heart Clinic".
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July 7, 2015

Company "Sovremennye medicinskie technologii" and medical equipment vendor “Philips” have expanded cooperation in the field of service.

А new agreement on service partnership has been landed between companies "Philips" and "Sovremennye medicinskie technologii". The document regulates the cooperation between the partners in the implementation of service products, the purchase of spare parts, rent of tools, technical support, access to technical information and other service technologies that are needed to provide services.

The agreement contains a number of differences and innovations with respect to the service contracts of partnership and distribution agreements governing the cooperation between the companies in the past. The main difference - is a framework agreement.

Now to place the order for spare parts or service companies will not spend time on creating, negotiation and signing of one-off contracts. All orders are placed using simplified regulations via e-mail.

Signing of the agreement between the companies “Philips“ and "Sovremennye medicinskie technologii" shows the development of cooperation between the service partners. The chosen form of communication is the most simple and convenient for both parties. For the company " Sovremennye medicinskie technologii" - it is a great opportunity for significant customer service quality and efficiency improvement .