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June 16, 2017 Congratulations on the Day of Medical Worker!
The company "Sovremennye medicinskie technologii" and International Medical Center "Heart Clinic" congratulate with a professional holiday all those who chose human healthcare as meaning of their life!
March 31, 2017 International Medical Center "Heart Clinic" took part in the forum "Russian Days of Heart"
On March 30, 2017, International Education Forum "Russian Days of Heart " began its work in Moscow. Leading Russian and European experts take part in the annual event, which lasts for three days.
March 21, 2017 Hospital Cardiovascular Executive Summit
Galway, Ireland, March 13-15, 2017 - “Sovremennye medicinskie technologii” became a participant of international conference "Hospital Cardiovascular Executive Summit" with the project of international medical center "Heart Clinic".
March 14, 2017 Vice-president of Medtronic Russia commented on cooperation with technology hubs
Elena Plyasunova, Vice President of Medtronic Russia, spoke about the importance of introducing innovative technologies and integrated solutions in the field of healthcare in Russia.
February 21, 2017 Press Conference in International Medical Center "Heart Clinic"
Today, a press conference for representatives of regional media and public members was held in International Medical Center "Heart Clinic".
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March 21, 2016

Paul Sergeant joined the team of International Medical Center "Heart Clinic"

March 21, 2016 at the construction site of International Medical Center "Heart Clinic" a working meeting was held featuring world-famous European cardiac surgeon Paul Sergeant. The event was attended by Samara Region Health Minister Gennady Gridasov, Deputy Minister - Head of the department of medical assistance Tatiana Sochinskay, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Investments and Trade of Samara region Oleg Mayorov, Director of "Sovremennye medicinskie technologii”  Sergey Shatilo, CEO of IMC “Heart Clinic” Anna Makovskaya. Representatives of Samara region medical community were also invited to see the construction place - the head physician of Cardiovascular Surgery Federal Center in Penza Vladlen Bazylev, MD, founder of the school of cardiac surgery in Samara Victor Polyakov and medical director of Samara Regional Clinical Cardiology Clinic Sergey Hokhlunov.

Belgian heart surgeon, Professor, MD, founder of the technique of coronary bypass surgery on a beating heart, Paul Sergeant is one of the leading experts not only in Europe but throughout the world on  the issues of surgical treatment of ischemic heart disease.  The meeting, dedicated to effective operation of future cardiac surgery center, was held as a part of the visit of  European cardiac surgeon to Samara. A world-class specialist was invited by "Sovremennye medicinskie technologii" in cooperation with Philips, one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment and a medical consulting. During his visit Paul Sergeant visited the Samara Regional Clinical Cardiology Hospital, attended cardiac surgery operations, as well as inspected the construction site of new cardiac surgery center, where he took part in a working meeting on the aspects of “Heart Clinic” future functioning. Sergeant Paul highly praised the work of Samara colleagues, laying emphasis on the further business consulting to "Heart Clinic" project for its further successful development.
Gennady Gridasov, Minister of Health of Samara region: "We have set a fixed date for the center to be opened – in summer the medical assistance should be provided. I was here 2.5 weeks ago, and I can say that the intensity of work is very high. In May heavy equipment installation will begin. The project is unique in terms of the organization - it attracts extra-budgetary funds and will be functioning under the program of state guarantees. This is not an easy task".

Anna Makovskaya, CEO of IMC "Heart Clinic": "Paul Sergeant - a heart surgeon with a world name, a man who made a great number of operations. Moreover helps physicians around the world to develop the strategic direction of cardiac surgery. We wish "Heart Clinic" would work under his patronage. Using his experience and knowledge in many fields we will have a very interesting project. Starting from the reception and ending with dismissal, everything should be comfortable for the patient. The patient is the center of our system".

The construction of International Medical Center "Heart Clinic" is the largest project of Samara region public-private partnership in the field of health. The relevance of this project is caused by the high death rates of population in Russia due to diseases of the cardiovascular system. The opening of the center, scheduled for summer 2016 will allow conducting about 11.5 thousand cardiac operations per year. The residents of Samara region will be able to get high-tech medical care in "Heart Clinic" for free, as part of compulsory health insurance program. Investor of the project is the company "Sovremennye medicinskie technologii", which has more than 15 years’ experience ibn the field of complex equipment of medical institutions throughout Russia. The project is being implemented with the support of the government of Samara region.